Collingwood Appraisals Ltd., which had provided professional real property valuation services since 1958, has become Collingwood Appraisals, a division of Conterra Enterprises Ltd.

Conterra Enterprises Ltd. acquired the assets, including the rights to the name of the limited partnership from the remaining partners on January 1st, 2013. Conterra Enterprises Ltd. was founded by Ed Landry and Chris Knight to offer a broad range of land and property valuation services plus professional services in negotiation, mediation and community development.

We are fortunate to have retained the services of former partner Rob Simpson and the talented group of appraisers, researchers and administrative staff that made PK Appraisals a reliable and respected IC&I appraisal service provider. The new owners are committed to maintaining the high standards of appraisal that Penny & Keenleyside has provided over the years. We have updated our systems and processes to improve the research, data banking and report preparation required to produce high quality, reliable appraisals. In addition, PK Appraisals now offers depreciation report preparation services for our condominium corporation clients to assist them in meeting the requirements of new provincial legislation.

Conterra Enterprises also owns Conterra Advisory Services. Conterra Advisory Services provides a wide array of consulting services to government and industry. A principal focus of Conterra’s business is working with Aboriginal communities and governments to build the policy and partnership framework for economic, social and governance development. Conterra has over 30 years of experience in the design and implementation of community development strategies and land and resource project negotiation.

Partnered with Penny and Keenleyside, Conterra Advisory Services now offers an expanded range of land and resource evaluation services and professional advice that is unique in BC.